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Future Projects

Future projects

The following projects would be undertaken as part of the departmental schemes.

Compilation of a Bibliography of Assam History Collection of ancient puthis and manuscripts, collection of manuscripts of Assam Buranjis or Chronicles, examination of East India Company's records, Collection of ballads, folk song, folk tales ; traditions etc., Compilation of a descriptive list of the archaeological remains of Assam, Compilation of treatises on other historical nelics and curios, Monographs on the various tribes and races living in Assam, Preparation of the texts of ancient copperplates and rock inscriptions, History of Towns and other historical places, topography and Toponomy ; Accounts of foreign travellers ; Persian Accounts ' Reference to Assam in Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Tibetan and Chinese literatures, Mineralogy, fauna and flora of Assam, Treatises on cannon and other war implements, Records relating to the history of the Tea Industries in Assam and records of the various Christian Missions in Assam

Besides, publication of rare books & descriptive catalogue, organization of Seminar / Work-Shop/ Exhibition at national and International level have been proposed.

Setting up of a data processing unit has been proposed for creation and designing of a Website.

Schemes related to archaeological studies, socio-economic studies, cultural & language studies, Traditional and customs studies, ethnohistorical studies with reference to North East in general and Assam in particular has been proposed to encourage research scholars of this region.


Heritage Building : The present Assam type building i.e Narayani Handiqui Historical institute a heritage building situated in the heart of the Guwahati city. But due to lack of proper maintenance the building is loosing its past glory and attraction. This heritage building need to be renovated with proper electrification & sanitation.

Conference Hall : The present conference hall having a sitting capacity of 80 people need to be upgraded for holding symposium, seminars workshop etc.

Automation of Library : The library housed in the annexed RCC block with a small reading room need infrastructural improvement with proper drinking water and toilet facilities. The library system to be upgraded in to automation one.

Preservation and conservation laboratory : For systematic & scientific preservation & conservation the deptt. need a well equipped laboratory for chemical as well as physical treatment of old records including coins & copper plates.

Visitors lounge : Eminent scholars, intellectuals & academicians including foreigners from France, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Germany, Thailand & Singapore visited this deptt. in connection with various research oriented works, as such a visitors lounge's for their comfortable stay is needed.