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Keeping in view the objective of the Department to promote historical research in Assam, the DHAS Library has the Objectives -

  • To acquire and preserve various types of documents to meet the needs of different levels of readers.
  • To guide research scholars and provide them resources useful in enhancement of research projects.

The Library is equipped with a rich Collection comprising  of diverse reading materials such as rare books, manuscripts,old news papers, periodicals and Copper plates . Readers are the research scholars, teachers and students of different academic institutions.

Book Section

The total collection of the book in the library is about 21,000 which includes the  bound volumes of old Assamese Journals. The subjects of the books are History of Assam, History of India, Literature, Religion, Biography,History of Bengal,Education, Political Science,International Relation, Economics etc. The old Journals are the Banhi, Awahan and Ramdhenu, Journal of Assam Research Society , Journal of Asiatic Society  Bengal,etc. The reading room of the library is on the 2nd floor of the library building.

Computerization of Books

For providing better and efficient service to the readers, the DHAS Library started the process of computerization of its activities.The library procured three nos of computers with a server and a LAN has been set up with all three computers. The SOUL 2.0 software has been procured from INFLIBNET centre and database had been developed on books and Journals. The Barcode Technology is utilizing with a Barcode printer.

Manuscript Section

The Department has collected about 2800 manuscripts from different places. Some of the manuscripts are historical documents. Other are of Religion, Mantra Puthi, Ankia Nat, Grammar , Astrology, Puja bidhi, Ayurveda etc. Large number of manuscripts are in Sanskrit , old Assamese and Ahom and other Tai Languages. 

Digitization of manuscripts

All the manuscripts have been digitized through Computerized scanning and  preserved in DVD format.

News paper Section

The library has a Collection of very old News papers. These are – Sadinia Asomiga from 1922, Tinidinia Asomiga from 1930,Dainik Asomiya from 1946 and Natun Asomiya from 1949.

Copper plate

DHAS Library has a Collection of 16 nos of Copper Plate,Some of these are -

  1. Copper Plate of Sri Sibasingha to Sri Sri Soubhagya Madhab Devalaya.
  2. Copper Plate of Sri Sri Gadadharsingha to Sri Madhab Choudhari.
  3. Copper-Plate of Sri Sri Gourinathsingha Sri Siba Chandra Bapu.
  4. Copper plate of Sri Chandrakantasingha to Atiram Choudhari.
  5. Copper-plate of Sri Gourinathsingha to Bhagi and Bhogaman.
  6. Copper- Plate of Sri Gourinathsingha to Rudreswar & Tamreswar Develaya.
  7. Copper Plate of Sri Sibasingha as land Purchasing documents.
  8. Copper Plate of Sri Gourinathsingha to 83 paik.
  9. Copper Plate of Sri Chandra kantaSingha to Kamakhya for Spring time festival.
  10. Copper plate of Sri Rajeswarsingha to Naranarayana Nyay- Bagish Bhattacharyya.

Library Building

The Library library building is a four storied building which is renovated recently with the grant from the Govt. of Assam.