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DHAS at a Glance

List Of Publications


  1. A Memoir of late David Scoot : by Major Adam White and compiled by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan. The Chronicle throws light on the historical aspects of the early British period of Assam. First edition, 1988.
  2. Tungkhungia Buranji : A history of Assam, A.D., 1681 to 1826, with Genealogical Tables, Bibliograph, etc. edited By Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition-1933, Second edition-1968,Third edition 1990.
  3. Baharistan-I-Gtlaybi: (Vol.-I)
  4. Baharistan-I-Gtlaybi: (Vol.-II) Conflicts with the Mugals in Assam, Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa in early seventeenth century. Translated from the original Persian by M.I. Borah. First edition-1936, Second edition-1992.
  5. Accounts of Assam: Compiled in 1807-14 by Dr. Francis Hamilton formerly Buchanan, First edition-1940, Second edition-1963,Third edition-1987.
  6. Early British Relation with Assam: A history of Assam containing relationship with the East India Company and the transfer of power to the Crown, by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition-1928,
  7. Bulletin No.1: With a foreword by his Excellency Sir Egbert Laurie Lucas Hammond, Governor of Assam.1927-1932. First edition-1932.
  8. Bulletin No.2: With an Introduction by His Excellency Sir Michael Keane, Governor of Assam. 1932-1937. First edition-1934,
  9. Bulletin No.3: A Souvenir of the Opening Ceremony of the Narayani Handiqui Historical Institute. First edition-1936.
  10. Bulletin No.4: A Souvenir of the Unveiling Ceremony of the portrait of the late Mrs. Narayani Handiqui, Firstedition-1941.
  11. Bulletin No.5: With a foreword by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of India, First edition-1951.
  12. Report on the Eastern Frontier of British India: by R. B. Pemberton, First edition-1835, Second edition-1966, Third edition-1991.
  13. Descriptive Catalogue of Assamese Manuscripts: Contains descriptions of several representative Assamese, Ahom and Sanskrit manuscripts, by Pandit Hemchandra Goswami, First edition-1930.
  14. Grammer and Dictionery of lakher or Mara language: by Late Rev. R.A. Lorrain, First edition-1951.
  15. Ghora Nidan: A hand-book on the disaases of the horse and their remedies, Assamese text with parallel English translation, First edition-1932,
  16. Kamaratna Tantra: A treatise on Tantrik Cult in Assamese with parallel English translation and various mystical diagrams appended to the same, by Pandit Hemchandra Goswami, First edition- 1928.
  17. The life and works of Amir Hasan Dohlavi by - Dr. M. I. Bora, First edition-2001. Rs. 80.00
  18. Souvenir ( Golden Jubilee Celebration) First edition-1978.
  19. Annals of the Delhi Badshahate : A translation of the old Assamese chronicle padshah-buranji with introduction and notes : S.K. Bhuyan 1st edition - 1947.


  1. Kachari Buranji : Assam-Cachar relations upto A.D. 1714, edited. by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition- 1936, Second edition-1951, Third edition-:1984.
  2. Jayantia Buranji : Assam-Jayantia relations upto A.D. 1744, edited by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition- 1937, Second edition-1964.
  3. Ankia Nat : Containing the extant dramas of Sankaradeva, Madhavadeva and Gopaladeva, edited by Dr. B.K. Barua, Firstedition-1940, Second edition-1954,Third edition-1983.
  4. Bhakti-Gita Samkalana: A collection of devotional songs by Vaisnava writers, ed. by Dr. M. Neog, First edition-1989.
  5. Assam Buranji:D. 1228-1826, by Harakanta Sadar Amin, First edition-1930, Second edition- 1962,Third edition-1990.
  6. Kamrupar Buranji: Containing details of the Assam-Mogul conflicts, edited by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition-1930, Second edition-1958,Third edition-1987.
  7. Deodhai Assam Buranji: An earlier Ahom history, with several shorter chronicles of Assam, edited by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan; First edition-1932, Fourth edition-2001.
  8. Tungkhungia Buranji: A history of Assam, A.D. 1681-1826, by Srinath Duara Barbarua, First edition-1932, Third edition-1990.
  9. Asamar Padya Buranji: Two metrical chronicles by Dutiram Hazarika and Visvesvar Vaidyadhipa, First edition-1932, Second edition-2008.
  10. Tripura Buranji: Detailed account of Tripura Court edited by Dr. S.K. Bhuyan, First edition-1938, Second edition-1962,Third edition-1990.
  11. Assam Buranji: D. 1648-1681, with a chronology of events in the history of Assam from A.D. 1468 to 1825, edited by S.K.Dutta, First edition-1938, Second edition-1991.
  12. Assam Buranji : D. 1228 to 1696, recovered from the family of late Sukumar Mahanta of North Gauhati, First edition-1945, Second edition-1960, Third edition-1988.
  13. Assam Buranji Sara: A history of Assam from A.D. 1228 to 1833, by Kashinath Tamuli Phukan, edited by P. C. Choudhury, First edition-1944, Second edition-1906,Third edition-1964, Fourth edition, 1991.
  14. Bharatiya Pratnatattva: Indian Archaeology in Assam. First edition-1960.
  15. Maidullslam Borar Gabeshana Granthar Parichiti: by Dr. Jiten Das, First edition 2000.


  1. Vrittamanjari : A valuable treatis on Sanskrit poetical metres with notes, by late Mohamohopadhyaya Dhiresvaracaryya. First edition-1961.
  2. Nitilatankur: A treatise on politics and warfare, with parallel Assamese translation.. First edition - 1941.
  3. A Catalogue of Sanskrit manuscripts: Edited by P.C. Choudhury. First edition-1961.
  4. Smrti-Jyotisa-Sara-Samgraha : Edited by M. Sastri & Dr. P.C. Choudhury., First edition-1964.
  5. Vaidyaka-Saroddhara: Edited by D. Tarkatirtha & Dr. P.C. Choudhury, First edition-1964.


  1. Ahom Lexicons: With Ahom: Assamese and Assamese-Ahom vocabularies based on old manuscripts, edited by N.N. Deodhai Phukan & B. Barua, First edition-1964, Second edition-1991
  2. Ahom Primer: by G. K. Barua and edited by B. Barua, First edition-1936, Second edition-1968, Third edition-1987.
  3. Catalogue of Ahom and other Tai Manuscripts: Edited by Dr. J.N Phukan, Ye Hom Buragohain First edition-2006.